Saturday, 22 September 2012

Simon Kenny Abstract Art Blog

Hi Folks,

Welcome to my next blog.

I have a completed a number of new abstract paintings, images below, which are available for sale and listed on various websites including my own at

The paintings are all fairly large canvas pieces in either oil or mixed media.  I have started to use a high gloss resin finish which really effective and I'm sure most of you have seen previously on others work. It not only adds a 3 dimensional aspect but also increases the vibrancy. The  varying light reflected off the finish connects the viewer directly with the image so I think it really works on some of heavily textured abstract paintings.

The dark colour burst abstract painting called Elements is one of my recent favourites and although I have created 5 or 6 of these paintings in the past the finish just lifts the piece leagues ahead of the others so I'm really pleased with the outcome. I'm planning on creating a set of another five of these paintings perhaps with some varying colours alternating betweens reds and blues. I love experimenting with colour and texture on these paintings so really looking forward to getting stuck in there.

I have also just finished a number of really large corporate commissions paintings so time has been fairly limited to create works to my preference but I have three currently on the go which fingers crossed will be done in the next few weeks so watch this space.

This year to date I have sold 32 pieces from my 2012 portfolio as well as creating 12 commissioned paintings, all before the mad Christmas rush so I am really pleased with how things been so far. My work is steadily gaining recognition around the globe and I am now being approached regularly by galleries both nationally and internationally looking to represent me so I couldn't ask for more at the moment.

Also in the next few weeks I am hopefully to be selling work via newly developed gallery based in Mexico called Infinite Room. This is a great opportunity to increase my target audience and get my work seen as far a field as physically possible.

Four of my 2012 paintings are on show between 28th and 30th September with Art2Arts at upcoming Art Fair in Manchester . I have another solo exhibition planned for Bargrove focusing solely on my abstract oil paintings and hopefully one with the Lloyd Gill Gallery between November/ December. I have an exhibition planned in Bologna Italy in Late November, details to follow,and in the near future we are also looking to exhibit a number of my mixed media abstract paintings in the Dorchester Hotel London. This has been in the pipeline for some time and we are just waiting on confirmation of dates so I'll keep you posted.

If you are interested in any of the abstract paintings below, in my previous blogs, or would like to discuss a commission please dont hesitate in contacting me using the following email address.

Purgatory, oil on canvas, 40 x 40" high gloss resin finish

Rhapsody, mixed media on canvas, 48 x 36"SOLD

Wrath, oil on canvas,high gloss resin finish, 50 x 40" SOLD

Point of Aries, mixed media on canvas 40 x 30" SOLD

Deliverance, oil on canvas, high gloss resin finish 48 x 36" SOLD

Penance , Oil on canvas, high gloss resin finish 36 x 24" SOLD

If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate in contacting me.

Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. Came across your paintings on today and I can't speak highly enough of them. Without wishing to sound clich├ęd, I just wanted to say keep up the good work :)


  2. In a word, its AMAZING. Now, coming from Brisbane advertising I haven't seen anything like this before. Although I have seen others but not like this one.

  3. Appears to resemble a cloud, nevertheless they are stunning.
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