Sunday, 12 August 2012

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Hi Folks,

Welcome to my next blog.

I have a just joined a fantastic online art gallery site called Phoenix Art Gallery The site is slick, user friendly and accessable to all.  I've listed all my recent abstract paintings on the Phoenix Gallery site and I've also uploaded images of my latest art work below.

All the abstract paintings are large canvas works with a few oil paint and the others mixed media. I have also started to offer a framing service and have actually framed a number of my latest paintings. Sales continue to grow steadily with a massive increase in paintings selling to customers in the U.S. I just completed working on 6 commission pieces which has taken up the past three weeks but I'm back to painting at a more relaxed pace and all my current work can be found on

Please take a look at the new paintings below and should you be interested in any of the pieces or want to see more please dont hesitate in contacting me using the either of the details provided above and below.

Atonement, 40 x 40" mixed media. 
Choirs of Winter, 40 x 40" mixed media.

Conjuring Dreams, 48 x 36" mixed media,

                                                            Salvation, 50 x 40" oil paint.

                                                     Half Light, 40 x 40" mixed media.

Solar, 40 x 40" mixed media.
On sale reduced to £2400 for one month only.

Aurora, 40 x 40" oil paint.

That's it for now folks, thanks for stopping by and looking at my latest abstract paintings. Should you be interested in a commission or would like to discuss my paintings in detail please contact me at

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