Monday, 20 May 2013

New Abstract Paintings by Artist Simon Kenny

Hi Folks,

I've just completed two new abstract oil paintings on large canvases, which are now available for viewing on my website . Both paintings are textured, painted using bold earthy and vibrant colours including , yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw and burnt umber and a selection of blues and greys.

The two paintings are currently part of my spring sale offering a large number of my abstract paintings with large savings off the ticket price. The sale is ending in the next few weeks so now is a great time to buy if your looking for a unique painting for your home or work space.

Details below:

Underworld: oil on canvas, 50" x 40" x .5"
Price includes shipping costs. 

Perdition: oil on canvas 50" x 40" x .5"
Price includes shipping costs.

 Should you have any questions about these paintings or any of the others you see on my website please dont hesitate in contacting me

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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Abstract Painting by Simon Kenny.

Hi Folks,

It's that time of year again where I run my Spring sale selling a large number of my abstract paintings at up to 50% off the ticket price.

The paintings will be on sale for the next few weeks starting today (ending June 2nd) , stock dependent ,direct from my website 


Rift: Mixed media 48 x 36" £2100 reduced to £1100

Forge: Oil on canvas 48 x 36"
Prints available.

I am also offering giclee prints of all my abstract paintings which are avialable in a range of sizes and prices to suit most budgets. The prints are on high quality Albrecht Durer paper which imparts both a classical and modern feel to art reproductions and photographs.
The age resistant mould-made quality with 50% rag content provides the look and feel that artists have come to appreciate with traditional artist’s papers. The prints are supplied with a 25mm white board allowing for mounting and framing and they are shipped safely rolled in secure toughened cardboard tubes. Lead times are 4-5 working days and shipping is with UPS.


Typical Ltd Edition print 1/250  48 x 36" = £375 inc delivery

Please feel free to email me at should you be interested in ordering a giclee print of any of my abstract paintings found on my web site and I'll get back to you within 24hours with a full quotation.

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Abstract Paintings by Simon Kenny

Hi Folks,

Welcome to my next blog.

Images of all my recent abstract paintings are posted below and should you be interested in seeing further details please visit or you can email me directly at with your questions.

My 2013 portfolio is continuing to expand with a steady stream of new abstract paintings being added weekly. To keep my work fresh I have also been painting a number of abstracted landscape, seascape and skyscape/ skyline paintings. My paintings are created using only high quality materials and painted in varying sizes on stretched canvases ranging between 36" x 24" up to 72" x 48".

I have continued with the same themes in my abstract paintings with roughly half the new pieces being mixed media colour burst paintings that combine a large number of techniques and a broad colour palette. The majority of my abstract oil paintings are created using brushes, palette knives and poured paint with strong elements taken from the natural and spiritual world but maintaining a strong abstract tone .

My mixed media paintings are inspired and created using photos of extreme weather, deep space and again contain elements of a spiritual nature. The abstracted landscape and seascape paintings are not based on any one place in particular which not only leaves the paintings open to interpretation by the viewer but also directly reflects my mind set as I was creating each piece.

I've recently exhibited in two art fairs and a group exhibition where a number of paintings sold and I have another 3 exhibitions lined up this side of summer and I'm considering a solo show for late July.

Paintings sales have continued to grow well beyond my expectations which has been fantastic and in the early part of the year I was commissioned by a corporate client in the U.S and recently completed two private commissions both for Australian clients.

That's it for now folks.

Once again thanks for stopping by and please enjoy viewing my work below.

Forge: Oil 48" x 36" SOLD

Where the Wind Blows: Oil 36" x 36" £1400 

Torn: Mixed media 48" x 36" SOLD

Where Dreams May Lie: Oil  50 x 40" SOLD

Odyssey: Mixed media 48 x 36" SOLD

Origin Unknown: Mixed media and gloss resin 40 x 40" £2100

Genesis: Oil  48 x 36" SOLD

Enigma: Mixed media  40 x 30" SOLD

Escaping Orion: Mixed media 39 x 39" SOLD

From the Dark: Oil and gloss resin 40 x 40" SOLD

Nova II: Mixed media  48 x 36" SOLD

Quark: Mixed media 48 x 36" SOLD

The Calling Shores: Oil  36 x 36" SOLD

Union: Mixed media 60 x 36" SOLD

The Restless Dawn: Mixed media and gloss resin 40 x 40" SOLD

The Force of One: Mixed media 36 x 36" SOLD

Elements: Mixed media 48 x 36" SOLD

On Troubled Shores: Oil 40 x 40" £2600 

Conceived in Dreams: Mixed media and gloss resin 48 x 36" SOLD

Rift: Mixed media 48 x 36" SOLD

Utero: Oil 48 x 48" £3450

The Valley of Kings: Oil 40 x 40" SOLD

Solitude: Oil 39 x 39" SOLD

The Turning Tides: Oil  40 x 30" SOLD

Awakening: Oil 60 x 36" SOLD

The Early Dawn: Mixed media 48 x 36" SOLD

Impact: Oil 48 x 36" SOLD

I'm uploading new abstract paintings weekly so if you'd like to see more please stop my website at 
Private viewings of artworks in the studio also available upon request. Please contact me at to discuss in further detail.

Thanks again for stopping by.