Monday, 1 July 2013

Large Abstract Paintings

Hi Folks,

Following an incredibly busy week painting I have two new works for you to take a look at below. Both are textured oil paintings on large canvases measuring 48" x 48" square so plenty of wall space required to hang them.

The first is a commission piece titled "Destiny", the second , titled "Of What Remains"  is available via my website .

Details of the two as follows:

" Destiny" oil on canvas. 48 x 48"
Sold, similar available by commission.

" Of What Remains" oil on canvas. 48 x 48"
Available via my website by clicking the link above.

I'm currently available for commission work, should you be interested lead times are currently 2-3 weeks dependent on requirements. Further information available upon request by contacting me at

On another note have any of you had contact from scammers?

Frustratingly over the past few weeks there seems to have been increase in emails received from scammers which results in nothing but a waste of time. There's always been a trend with these types to target people  offering higher value items for sale but the annoying and sometimes highly amusing thing is there seems to be just a hand of formatted emails they use. Recently its been the age old " I work on an oil rig" or some type of "deep seas vessel" and "I want to use my own shipping agent, please contact" which is just a front. 

It still amazes me that this is supposedly highly organized crime yet globally there seems to be only handful standard formatted emails that are used. Over the past few weeks I been contacted a couple of times, both from " Deep sea workers" , and although they want to purchase "4 or 5 paintings" each, they have no idea of the prices, sizes or any other relevant details about the work. Although I'm no language professor the use of grammar in their emails is virtually none existent and spelling doesn't seem a priority. What's probably the most amusing part, which has happened to me a few times now is one these guys had one name for his gmail address, he opened the message introducing himself with a different name, and signed off using another, so three different names in total, probably all of his aliases. I ignored this guys first email, then just a week later received another email from him with yet again a new name for his email account. Well thought out " Mohd, Blessing Nelson, Jo-Jo and Jonas7434. This time not only is he going to purchase 5 paintings with no idea of size, colour, composition or price but he's also passed my details on to his friend, lucky me, who's going to purchase a number of pieces himself. 

You'd assume they would read over these emails at least once to check there's no glaring errors but it appears to have little importance to these scammers. Personally I would have thought their success would be measured by the ability they have of being convincingly deceptive so I can only wonder how using the same email over and over again can produce much more than a laugh or an insulting response. Sadly I'm sure they must have success somewhere in the world or they wouldn't continuously keep trying to find a way to empty my bank account so I guess we'll all just have to endure more of the same.

Thanks for stopping by.

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