Monday, 3 June 2013

Simon Kennys Abstract Paintings

Hi Folks,

I've just listed a number of new abstract paintings on my Artweb site, .

The last of the four paintings " Now and Forever" was created using oil and acrylic paint on a large 40 x 40" stretched canvas. The piece is heavily textured over a light underpainting. I built the colour up to required tones lightly brushing out the edges to achieve the soft cloud like detailt then finished with a little impasto work to give a strong punchy focal point .

Altered State, created on a 72" x 24" stretched canvas was also painted using oil and acrylic, Salvator and Cygnus are both soley oil paint. I rarely paint on small canvases like the two 36 x 24" pieces and I found it quite challenge not having the freedom such large canvaes offer. That said I was really pleased with the outcome of the two abstract paintings so I'll be creating similar size pieces in the near future.

All four paintings are currently available for sale and I've attached images below with relevant details. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate in contacting me at

Now and Forever 40 x 40" oil and acrylic on canvas.

Salvator 36 x 24" oil on canvas.

Altered State 72 x 24" Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Cygnus 36 x 24" oil on canvas.

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